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**Pay by cash, check or credit card. No insurance billing is provided. Receipts for Acupuncture services as an out-of-network provider that includes diagnostic and billing codes are provided upon request. I am a recognized out of-network provider for Highmark Blue Cross. Every effort to ensure reimbursement without direct insurance billing is made. Frequency of treatment is discussed privately.

Initial Intake Review
The Initial Intake Interview is a formal conversation to set goals, give advice and describe limits of treatment. This includes filling out a medical history (please bring in a list of your current medications and supplements), signing a Consent to Treat document, and advice on lifestyle, diet and self-help techniques. From this, an assessment is made by the Acupuncturist and choices for treatment are discussed then agreed upon. This conversation, form, assessment and agreement will take about 45-minutes.
Acupuncture Treatment
An Acupuncture Treatment can help reduce pain from muscles and bones including osteoarthritis, sciatica, tennis elbow, knee pain, migraines, tension headaches; alleviate digestive issues such as acid reflux, constipation and enuresis; allergy symptoms such as sinus pain and congestion, dizziness, tinnitus, and mood, anxiety, and depression. The typical Acupuncture Treatment includes filling out a form describing symptoms and a brief assessment, placing the needles in the body while resting comfortably, and needle retention while resting comfortably. The typical amount a time for an Acupuncture Treatment is 75-minutes.
Ear Acupuncture To Quit Bad Habits
This Acupuncture Treatment places small needles in the cartilage of the ears to calm a person and suppress urges. This helps people who want to quit smoking, quit over-eating, and quit unhealthy habits. The appointment includes a documentation of progress which takes about 10-minutes, placing the needles which takes about 10-minutes and resting comfortably with the needles for about 30-minutes. Plan on about 1-hour for an Ear Acupuncture to Quit Bad Habits.
Combination Acupuncture and Tui Na
This combination treatment is in response to chronic pain. Tui Na is hands-on massage therapy with a wide range of techniques varying from gentle contacts to deep compression, kneading and rocking the body. It is not necessary to disrobe to receive Tui Na and is suitable for children and elders. The usual duration of a Tui Na treatment is 50-minutes followed immediately by needle placement which takes about 20-minutes and needle retention for about 35-minutes. The appointment also includes about 15-minutes for symptom documentation and assessment. Plan on 2-hours for a Combination Acupuncture and Tui Na Treatment.


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