What is Qi?

Qi is interdependent duality as expressed in the concept of Yin-Yang which shows in the classic symbol of a divided circle that each half contains a smaller circle which is the seed of the other half. The analogy from nature is the seed contains the whole tree and the tree creates the seed.

The transformation, growth and decay, or phases, of Qi are illustrated by the seasons of the year and the phases of the moon.

These natural rhythms prove the reliability of nature: Spring becomes Summer which becomes Autumn which becomes Winter; the full moon wanes into the new moon which which waxes into the full moon.

Rhythms of interdependent duality are reflected in the human body and are the substance influenced via needling the Acupuncture points. The goal of treatment is to be in balance with natural rhythms.

Yin-Yang is the interdependent, inter transforming action of opposites where neither is ever absolute. Yin is predominant in relation to Yang just as night is predominant in relation to day. At night there is only night. In day there is only day. And yet, we know during the day night will come. In illness we know health will come. In health we know illness is possible. Maintaining balance maintains health.

This dynamic cohesion creates a balance. Pain, illness, the sense that precedes illness that “things just aren’t right” is the indicator that this balance has been disrupted. Creating a pathway to restore balance is the core objective of treatment using Traditional Chinese Medicine.